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As a company we get heavily involved with helping out local charities as and when we can. We are heavily involved in Charity Lawn Mower racing with a group in the South called Mower Madness. Our Son Sam races his Westwood lawn mower. This is an endurance race that last for two hours and is held normally in a farmers field. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like rain or sun we race. So it could be dusty or very muddy we will be there. Roly is out there on the field Marshalling and Dawn is helping with the time keeping and score board. It really is a family event with us all getting involved.
We have taken part in the Bournemouth Wheels event with Mower madness and Route 66 car show.


As a company we have donated toys to Wave 105 Cash for kids Xmas appeal. This year 2016 we are taking part in the wave 105 face of a thousand. We have pledged to raise £100 to help their charity.

We have just donated a Strimmer to Kisses For Jon charity Ball to help raise funds to send him to the USA.

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