Lawn Mower Repairs

If you have a top quality lawn mower it is necessary that you consistently service your lawnmower prior to the cutting season starts. Schedule your lawn mower in for Servicing or repair right into a neighborhood service centre so you can get a tidy start to the cutting period.

Penn Lawn Mowers has a seasoned as well as trained servicing group that can preserve as well as service your equipment to the greatest requirements. We provide a collection and distribution service for equipment that you are not able to transport on your own. Relying on exactly how far you are you might need to pay a messenger charge for us to get and also return.

We Have Serviced And Repaired Numerous Lawn Mower Brands

If you require even more information on our maintenance and repair services, do not be reluctant to contact us.

Repair services are done as soon as the parts are available – occasionally we may have a like-for-like substitute part in our workshop. In the event your garden equipment can not be fixed then we sell a wide variety of pre-conditioned lawn mowers at really affordable prices.

We Can Service and Repair The Following Garden Equipment:

  • Chainsaws
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Lawnmower repair service
  • Petrol machinery
  • Garden equipment

Should You Repair or Replace Your Lawn Mower?

Is your old mower having a hard time? If it’s not doing the technique as well as your grass is enduring, it may be time to purchase a new lawnmower. The majority of mowers will typically last around 10 years if they are serviced, but that might differ based upon its use and where it has been stored. If you see any one of the issues listed below with your lawn mower then it might be time to explore buying a brand-new one over getting it repaired.

Naturally, our main aim is to try and repair your lawn mower whenever possible. Sometimes the cost of repair can mean its more economical to upgrade your lawn mower. There may be better features on a new lawn mower that would make a new one more appealing and we totally get that.

1. Transmission Issues – The transmission is an expensive repair work, with costs typically being in the £500 ball park to get repaired. If you have an older mower and it’s having transmission troubles, it is most likely much better to invest in a brand-new lawn mower as opposed to taking care of the old one. Better to invest ₤500 right into a better and also more recent mower than pour money into an old one.

2. Engine Problems – The engine is really a make or break situation when it comes to repairs. If you’re experiencing lawn mower engine issues, then its likely that upgrading is the better choice rather than repairing it. You will be hard pushed to find a replacement engine for less than ₤600 (depending on brand).

3. Crankshaft Damage – If your grass lower’s blade strikes a rock, tree stump, or an additional hard object, it can trigger damages to your crankshaft. Crankshaft damages can create your mower to quit as well as not reboot. If the blade is bent, it can not work correctly. The crankshaft is an expensive repair service– once more, it generally makes more sense to replace the lawn mower completely.

4. It’s Not Under Warranty – Many lawn mowers these days will certainly include a service warranty for the very first couple of years of use. Without a service warranty, mower can be expensive to repair. Generally talking, you should have the ability to obtain 7 to 10 years out of a new mower, yet repair work show up. Points like belts pull chords, or broken cable televisions are quickly changed with little price. However mechanical problems are far more expensive. If your mower breaks down, inspect its guarantee to see if it’s covered.

5. It Keeps Breaking Down – If your machine is constantly breaking down, is it truly worth it to maintain repairing it? It’s typically not. Even if the repair work are tiny, constant fixings can build up over time as well as be a frustration to handle.

Need Your Lawn Mower Repaired?